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Nordyne Central Air Conditioner Overview

Nordyne is a comfort systems manufacturer that sells its air conditioners through other brand names. Broan, Maytag, Tappan, NuTone, Westinghouse and Frigidaire are among some of the brands for which Nordyne manufactures products.

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Nordyne is behind various technologies such as iQ drive, which emphasizes efficiency and low sound production. Other features of the Nordyne line include ecoLogic products with efficient, environmentally friendly features and Microchannel (Anteater) evaporator coils designed to prevent corrosion. The company also uses Demand Flow Technology, a quality assurance system that involves triple checks throughout the manufacturing process followed by a computer test guaranteeing product reliability. In addition, Nordyne claims that it produced the industry’s first inverter ducted system.

Nordyne iQ Air Conditioners

Nordyne says that it produces some of the industry’s quietest and most efficient air conditioning units, reaching up to 24.5 SEER. Many of these iQ models, whether packaged or split systems, come with a dehumidification mode and inverter-rotary technology that makes constant adjustments for around-the-clock indoor comfort. Finally, Nordyne’s iQ models have a communicating thermostat for accurate maintenance scheduling and assistance with diagnostic information.

High-Efficiency Split-System Air Conditioners

Many of these quiet, two-stage units reach from 14 to 16 SEER and are Energy Star-rated. Additional features are the corrosion-resistant jackets and aluminum Micro-Channel coils. A swept-wing fan blade and one-piece top design help reduce noise.

Standard-Efficiency Split-System Air Conditioners

Nordyne manufactures 13 SEER standard-efficiency split system units, some of which are manufactured with a two-stage Ultra tech scroll compressor. These quiet, maintenance-free units have corrosion-resistant jackets and coil guards, as well as durable hail guards for dependable protection from weather-related damage. The units are designed for easy maintenance-access.

Packaged Air Conditioners

Nordyne-made packaged gas/electric units reach from 13 to 15 SEER and 80 percent AFUE. Many of these units hold the ecoLogic Green Seal. Optional backup heat in the form of an electric strip that can produce 20 kW of heat is available in most models. A swept-wing fan blade provides quiet and efficient operation. Corrosion-resistant Anteater MC Micro-Channel coils are available, and all packaged units come with a coil-protecting wire guard and rust-resistant hail guard. To enhance corrosion resistance, a 1.5-mm-thick salt-spray finish coats the jacket.


Each brand name offers warranties on its own products, and Nordyne oversees warranty coverage and rebate incentives. However, in general these air conditioners’ warranties average about 10 years. Product registration is encouraged for full warranty benefits.

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Nordyne Central Air Conditioner Reviews

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4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

Mine is now 5 years old and has not had any problems from it, I had to call a repair today because of my fault, was weed eating around the unit and caught a wire and it stopped it cold. Repairman due this afternoon. I have been reading all the negative reviews and am amazed at the negative ones. We live in west Texas and it gets hot, this unit freezes us to death and we set it on 78 during the summer. No problems, only issue I have is changing the filters as you have to lay on your back to change it. Don't know how that will work when I get old. Hopefully, it is something simple to fix. No problems at all from the whirlpool appliances either.



"OMG Run!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We told our mobile home broker: we want the best appliances money can buy. The best, most efficient ac on the market. I had no idea what was coming. Oh dear GOD…after I trashed the kitchen appliances and bought LG…the a/c begin trouble ..the first year. A leak. Many nights of South Florida heat, no cooling. Break down after break down. Oh, and the mobile home broker never gave us warranty papers. So yeah, I figure, in 8 years, I have spent close to a thousand in repairs. Now I need a new a/c and I have become a poor widower, literally. I hate these people! Never buy Nordyne!

Brad Coath

St. Petersburg, FL

"Still ticking"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We had the split system unit installed in March of 1993. Did have to replace the blower motor a couple of years ago. We had a Freon leak, but it was recharged with a leak sealer and it fixed that. What do you expect after 20 some years? Still cooling with temperatures in 90'S. Wish I could find another one like this.

L Shearon

Ashland City, TN


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought this house from a person who had this unit installed already. This equipment is junk.


Clearwater, FL

"Bad product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Less than three years old. $2,000 in repairs because installer went out of business, so I had to pay labor. Fan in outdoor unit had to be replaced. Evaporator coil had to be replaced. Txv valve had to be replaced. Lots of Freon cost. Product does not last.

Arnold Schwartz


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