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Crown Boiler Overview

Crown Boilers produces residential and commercial boilers, furnaces and indirect water heaters. The company is based in Philadelphia, PA. Crown is a subsdidiary of Burnham Holdings, Inc., which reported annual sales of $176.7 million in 2017.

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Bermuda Bimini Residential Aruba 3 - AWI Bali

Corporate History

Crown Boiler Company was founded in 1949 and originally distributed products for heating systems such as operation controls and oil burners in the Northeatern part of the country. Crown began to expand in the 1970’s after showcasing a line of residential cast-iron boilers, and by the 1990’s they were supplying hydronic boilers throughout the U.S.

The company’s products are carried by several national heating and cooling companies. Crown also sells its line of heating products through individual wholesalers.

Product Lines

Crown Boiler Company carries a wide variety of products for heating both homes and businesses. Heating units for residential oil and gas-fired systems are available, as well as commercial heavy-duty units. Select gas-fired boilers are Energy Star rated, including the 95% AFUE rated Phantom, and all four of Crown’s oil-fired boilers feature the Energy Star label.

Warm air furnaces that run on gas and oil are available at Crown Boiler Company, with gas furnaces available in 80+ and 90+ units. Crown also produces indirect water heaters, including vertical, horizontal, and solar units. All products come equipped with Honeywell controls. The company says it considers safety an important part of its product line and all boilers arrive ready to be installed. A full parts and accessory inventory rounds out the products of Crown.


Crown provides a standard one-year warranty for parts. The heat exchanger warranty on residential boilers ranges from 7 years to a lifetime warranty, while the cast iron section of commercial units has a 10-year warranty. Labor is not covered in the standard warranty.

An extended warranty can be purchased within three months of installation. The extended warranty covers all labor and parts for a time period of five or ten years, chosen by the buyer. If a home is sold, the extended warranty is transferrable.

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Crown Boiler Reviews

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"Update to my BWC series review"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This is my second review on the is unit and I'm at the end of the rope. This unit is not reliable, I have to replace it. Beginning of last year the unit started to not fire up when heat was called. No error codes, pilot indicator on, pumps running, stone cold! A complete power shut down for a few minutes was enough for the unit to recover and operate sometimes for several weeks before happening again. Limped along all of this last winter. For a year now the installer, a&t plumbing out New Bedford, MA, Has tried to get a company rep or someone with more knowledge than they have about this unit to inspect it and resolve the issues. Finally, someone showed up unannounced while I was about an hour drive away from the unit. Unfortunately, nothing happened that day. Since then nothing, except excuses. I'm now in the process of getting new quotes to replace it. I no longer trust the unit, nor the plumber and most of all not Crown/Velocity or whatever name you hide behind now.

Fernando Martins Barreiros


"BWC Series-120 -very worthless"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had a Crown bwc 120 gas boiler installed 5 years ago. Have had to replace the motor each year. Five winters = five failed motors. Our plumber installed the same boiler in his house at the same time. After he had 4 failed motors in 4 winters he has replaced his with another boiler. We expect to do the same before the start of next winter. What seems to me as a potential big contributor to the motor failure problem is, per installation instructions, only about 18" from the air intake. This results in a tremendous amount of moisture coming into the furnace box. But, whatever the cause, this is a completely unreliable boiler

L Sundberg

Hamburg, PA

"Crooks – take your money with being held accountable"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased a Crown Boiler 4 years ago and it suddenly stopped working. The hvac guys found that it was leaking and that it was cracked on the inside. They said that it should never happened and was a manufacturer defect. We called the Crown Boiler Company warranty department and they said in order to fight it, we would need to mail the cracked block into them, and then they would work with the distributor and issue a credit to them. The distributor would then decide on what we would get, if anything. There was no cash back option. So basically, in December Crown Boiler Company is telling us to pay about $200 to mail their product back and to go without heat until this is resolved – which they said it most likely won't be. Seems to me that this is all a ploy to not have to refund for their faulty product. I am currently having the boiler replaced with a much better brand.

Tracy Fleming

New Jersey

"Great Product."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I purchased the twz200 Crown Boiler in 2003 and did not install it until some time in 2004. I have experience with installing boilers and installed it myself. It is a great boiler and never had any problem with it. I also installed a brand new oil tank and fuel line (I prefer single fuel line) with it so I would have no gunk/sludge going into a new boiler. I am very pleased with it and would purchase other Crown products. That's 13 years with only yearly maintenance of oil filters and nozzles which I do myself in about 1/2 hour or less.


Cambridge, MD

"Worst boiler and customer service EVER!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought our boiler back in 2012 and purchased an extended warranty through the dealer. The top casting of our boiler has cracked and they denied the warranty claim. Their reasoning was that we overfilled the boiler. Well, we have a sight glass and it's never been filled over the fill line so we questioned them. The customer service rep had no idea how the boiler even worked but still claimed we had overfilled the boiler. So now we are out $2500 and have to figure out how to either fix it or replace it in the middle of the winter. We've gone through a tank of oil in less than 2 months because of this issue. I would never buy a Crown boiler again.

Michelle Lambert

Athol, MA

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