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Triangle Tube Boiler Overview

Triangle Tube produces boilers, water heaters, and other water heating products for domestic, commercial, and industrial markets. Triangle Tube is headquartered in Blackwood, NJ, and is a part of the ACV Group, a privately held company.

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Corporate History

Triangle Tube has been providing efficient and innovative heating products since 1946. The company has been an ISO 9001 company since 2002 and their manufacturing center in New Jersey is a massive 100,000 square foot facility with an incorporated training center.

Product Lines

Triangle Tube products include a series of wall-mounted condensing boilers called the Prestige Trimax Solo. The Prestige Trimax Solo is available in five sizes and is Energy Star listed, with an efficiency of 95%.

Indirect fired water heaters include the Smart Series, which is available in both residential and commercial sizes and comes with Triangle Tube's exclusive "Tank-in-Tank" design. The Tank-in-Tank feature boasts long life expectancy with minimal regular maintenance. The Smart Multi Energy unit is a hybrid tank ideal for solar and geothermal uses.

The company's direct fired water heaters include the Keystone condensing unit, which has a thermal efficiency between 95 and 97%, and the Marquis condensing gas tankless unit, with a .97 Energy Factor.

Another line of products is the Triangle Tube line of heat exchangers for swimming pools, spas and many other domestic and commercial heating applications. They come in both stainless steel and titanium with 55 years of production history.


Triangle Tube products come with a manufacturer's warranty which differs according to product. All products must be registered with the company after purchase. Specific information regarding product warranty is available through customer service.

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Triangle Tube Boiler Reviews

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"Homeowner's nightmare"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Our home was built in 2006 with a PG Plus Triangle Tube combi boiler. We've had nothing but problems with it and the contractor went out of business. Now we found out there was a Consumer Safety Commission recall of this unit due to excessive carbon monoxide emissions into the home.


Danielson, CT

"To expensive for such a short life span."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My husband was talked into getting this boiler from the sales person at Home depot. We paid over $5,000 for this boiler almost three years ago and it has broken down several times already. We were out of heat and hot two times last winter for over a week each times. With a newborn in the house we were forced to stay in a motel for the whole time. Our repair man finally traced the issue to the gas valve rectifier coil. He tried many times to track down this part but apparently this part is not stocked in most places. Finally he was able to locate it in Boston but it took a couple of days to arrive. So far this winter we haven't experienced any issues with our boiler but I still would not recommend this boiler to any one. This situation has proved two things that I have always thought 1) Never buy anything a sales person recommends 2) Never let your husband make any big purchases with out you.

Queens, Ny

"Beware of Triangle Tube"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Beware of Triangle Tube products. Their warranty is a scam. I had a Smart Tank, it started leaking after less than 5 years. The plumbing wholesaler/supplier wants to charge me $100 to handle the warranty. Triangles warranty states that claims will be handled at no added cost to the consumer. But Triangle will only process warranty claims through the wholesaler and they wash their hands of the matter. The companies try to coerce the plumber to "hide" the warranty fee into his labor cost to replace the unit. We are complaining to the State Attorney Generals office and the Federal Trade Commission about their fraudulent business practices. DO NOT BUY TRIANGLE PRODUCTS, OR IF YOU DO EXPECT THERE TO BE NO WARRANTY.

Ripped off homeowner

New York

"Don't Know Yet?"

3.0 rating

To "Sprost" who wrote his review on June 27, 2013. We looked at the Triangle Tube to replace 3 boilers, but were told the Navien CH-210 would be a better choice??—We are still waiting for the unit (Triangle). If we had someone like you who knows what they are doing, we might have better luck. Do you want a job?

P. Wallen

Bellinghan, MA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We built our house 6.5 years ago. This boiler was the "best on the market". The bottom just rusted out. How can a manufacturer build such a poor unit. We have normal water so that could not be the issue and we do the required yearly maintenance. Now I know why they don't make this style of heater. Just wish that I would have known about the quality and warranty that came with this unit.

Aaron H

Big Lake, Alaska

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