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Carrier Furnace Overview

Carrier manufactures several lines of gas and oil furnaces.

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Infinity Series

The Infinity 80, Infinity 96 and Infinity ICS are Carrier’s top-of-the-line gas furnaces. The Infinities can be installed in an attic, basement or hall closet, they include Carrier’s Comfort Heat® Technology, the QuieTech® Noise Reduction System, a variable speed blower, and a media filter cabinet.

Performance Series

The Performance 93 and Performance 95 series have a Super S heat exchanger, and most of the models are Energy Star certified. Next, the two Boost-gas furnaces use a Super S or aluminized steel heat exchanger and are compatible with the Carrier electronic air cleaner and humidifier.

Carrier also markets several series under its WeatherMaker line, including the high-efficiency WeatherMaker 9200.

The Comfort furnaces can be purchased with a Super S heat exchanger. Known for both reliability and durability, the Base model gas furnaces are also produced with a Super S or aluminized steel heat exchanger and the Comfort Fan that is included in the other lines of Carrier. Various features are listed in the form of a chart on the company website to compare the entire selection of gas furnaces side by side.

 [ Carrier Series :  ]
 [ Carrier Series : WeatherMaker 9200 ]
 [ Carrier Series : Crusader ]
 [ Carrier Series :  ]
 [ Carrier Series :  ]

Carrier Oil Furnaces

Oil Furnaces from Carrier have individual AFUE ratings and a stainless steel heat exchanger. Ranging from rates of 77,000 to 154,000 British Thermal Units per Hour (BTUH), the oil furnaces are equipped with a Flue Silencer Baffle for sound reduction. In addition, multipoise models are available for every line of Carrier oil furnace, along with units that are lower in height and require extra space on the floor.

Similar to the gas furnaces, a listing of characteristics for the two oil furnace lines, Performance and Comfort, can be found by visiting the Carrier website and looking at the product comparison chart. Most of the oil furnaces contain the continuous fan switch, an access door, and ignition controls.

Care and Maintenance of Carrier Furnaces

Homeowners are encouraged to schedule regular maintenance visits for their Carrier furnaces and can prepare for a service visit by following the checklist on the company website.

This article has answers to 18 questions about changing and replacing filters for Carrier furnaces.


Specific Warranties for the gas and oil furnaces from Carrier are as follows:

Lifetime Limited Warranty on the heat exchangers for the following gas furnaces when registered within 90 days (20-Year Limited Warranty if registered after 90 days):

  • Infinity ICS
  • Infinity 96
  • Performance 96
  • Performance 95
  • Performance 93
  • Boost 90
  • Comfort 92

20-Year Limited Warranty on heat exchangers for the following gas furnaces when registered within 90 days (5-Year limited Warranty if not registered within 90 days):

  • Infinity 80
  • Boost 80
  • Performance 80
  • Comfort 95
  • Comfort 80
  • Base 90
  • Base 80

Lifetime Limited Warranty on heat exchangers for the following oil furnaces when registered within 90 days (20-Year Limited Warranty if registered after 90 days):

  • Performance OVL/OVM
  • Performance Variable Speed 80
  • Performance 80
  • Comfort OBL/OBM
  • Comfort 80

10-Year Limited Warranty on parts when registered within 90 days (5-Year Limited Warranty if registered after 90 days)

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Carrier Furnace Reviews

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"Stay away"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

2 carrier mvb furnaces, 2 failed heat exchangers both within 6 months of each other.

craig wright


"Unbelievable part mark up"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Installed our unit in 2007. In the last few years, we experienced an unnerving sound when the inducer started, which stopped after a few seconds, then ran normally. The furnace always functioned perfectly despite this initial noise at startup. I concluded that the inducer was the problem and researched replacing the whole assembly because no one sold just the inducer motor. I replaced the whole unit with a Carrier replacement assembly which cost $829 Canadian plus I was required to replace the pressure switches to qualify for the 1-year warranty on the inducer assembly. I disassembled the inducer assembly, (Carrier says it cannot be done), thinking that the inducer motor bearings caused the sound. I was wrong. The inducer motor and bearings were fine. The plastic fan disk was what made the noise. It had several cracks that radiated from the center to the perimeter of the disk. If held up to a light, you could clearly see the cracks. The sound was produced when the disk rotated at a specific speed then stopped when the RPMs increased. I was told that Carriers corporate strategy was to mark up the cost of genuine replacement parts, in my case by 6000%

Stephen Bourque

Whitby, Ontario

"Carrier Furnace = POS"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My furnace is so new, it is not even in the drop-down menu for model numbers. The model is cnvp/cnpvt high efficiency gas furnace. It was installed in July of 2016. Turned it on remotely from work on a Friday afternoon and when I arrived home, there was no heat. Called for after-hours service at $145 (just to walk in the door) and it was diagnosed as a bad gas valve. They do not carry the part, so I have to wait until next week to have it repaired and will have no heat until then. Totally unacceptable for a 2-year-old, $6,500 furnace/AC to fail in two years. I 100% do not recommend any Carrier product. Maybe they would have been better off moving production to Mexico since it's obvious they make junk here. To throw salt on the wound even further, the tech said only the part would be covered and I will still have to pay the labor. Total bs!


Cleveland, OH

"Draft motor assembly failure"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We purchased and installed the Carrier furnace Infinity ics in April 2010. We had expectations that it would outlast our previous furnace unit (it was 17 years old when we replaced it). We we trying to get out in front of a future failure. We purchased Carrier because of its high quality reputation. Today, 8/14/2018, we were informed that the draft motor assembly must be replaced, which will cost about $1,000 (including installation). Upon calling Carrier, they indicated that our parts warranty expired after 5 years, so they have no recourse, and will not mitigate the failure in any way. While the rep on the front line was very empathetic, the next person I talked to, Stephanie, a senior customer service rep, was very adept at, "you are on your own," attitude. I am very disappointed in the lack of concern about the quality of the product and the reputation of Carrier. We probably would not purchase product again. For all of those out there who will shrug and say "mechanical products break". My response is yes, but for a product touted as high quality, (and I might add expensive), it should last longer than 8 years.



"Furnaces are a lemon!! Don't buy from Carrier-No Service!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Worst service and I had 2 furnaces installed in 2011.Then blower motor quit on dec.2016. Thankfully serviceman was kind enough to put it thru warranty. Then December 2017 Furnace 2, blower motor & motherboard replaced. Carrier won't honor warranty, stated I had not registered with them. When Sears installed the furnaces in 2011, they stated they would register. I also had a small rebate from Sears,thus furnaces should have been registered. I paid $800. to have it fixed because it was winter. Then in June furnace #1 heat infuser quit. Would cost over $1000.00 My plumber is going to install an American Standard furnace for $3500.00. He said all he does if fix Carrier & Lennox but has not had problems with American Standard. I would seriously consider a class action lawsuit against Carrier!!

Phyl Larm

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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