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Comfortmaker Furnace Overview

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE, is used to determine how effectively furnaces use gas energy to heat an area. The higher the AFUE, the greater the furnace efficiency. Comfortmaker offers oil and gas furnaces ranging in AFUE ratings from 80% to 95%. Most of these models are Energy Star qualified and come with extensive warranty coverage.

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Consumer Reviews of Comfortmaker


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Reviews by Furnace Series

VS 90

Comfortmaker Two-Stage Gas Furnaces

Comfortmaker's two-stage gas furnaces operate at a consistent low heat stage designed to save energy and money. When a major change in the outside temperature occurs, the furnace automatically switches to a higher stage of heat production. Varying from 80% to 95 AFUE, a majority of these models are Energy Star-approved and come with a variable speed motor for improved indoor air quality.

Comfortmaker SoftSound DLX Gas Furnace

Available in 80%, 92%, and 95% AFUE, the SoftSound DLX series has a variety of high efficiency heating options. This model comes with RPJ III, a corrosion-resistant, primary heat exchanger that forces more heat to the outside surface. Additional key components designed to enhance efficiency and quite operation include a multispeed PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) circulation blower, an induced draft blower, and a gas valve.

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Comfortmaker Entry Level Gas Furnace

Comfortmaker's entry-level gas furnaces are marketed toward consumers looking for a cost-friendly alternative to high efficiency heating. This series ranges from 80% to 90% AFUE and boasts reliable performance. Key components include the RPJ III primary and stainless steel secondary heater exchange, a multi-speed PSC circulation blower, and a silicon nitride igniter.

Comfortmaker High-Efficiency Oil Furnace

Comfortmaker's high-efficiency oil furnaces feature a variable-speed EMC circulation motor or a direct drive motor blower for soft operation and even air circulation. This series also requires simple service and installation. It comes with a large, external front, a pre-wired control panel for add-ons, and is short in height making it easier to fit into tight spaces. Consumers can customize their unit by choosing the best high-efficiency burners to suit their needs.

Comfortmaker Performance Series Oil Furnace

Homeowners looking for a reliable, base level oil furnace may want to consider Comfortmaker's Performance Series. This line offers easy installation, maintenance, and pre-wiring if consumers want to add an air conditioner, electric air cleaner or central humidifier to the system. With a variety of high-efficiency burner options, consumers can tailor their unit to provide optimum performance for their needs.

Care and Maintenance

Comfortmaker recommends yearly service checks for heating units to prevent any major wear of key parts or components. Homeowners can find independent heating and air conditioning contractors through Comfortmaker's website.


Most Comfortmaker furnaces feature a 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration. Primary and secondary heater exchanges also carry a 20-year or lifetime warranty, depending on product purchased.

An additional No Hassle Replacement warranty is also offered for base, standard, mid-tier, and top-of-the-line products. Term lengths vary depending on product purchased. All warranties require proof of annual maintenance to remain valid.

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Comfortmaker Furnace Reviews

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"Fire won't ignite"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

It seems when winter comes this furnace constantly stops igniting. Our service man showed me all I need to do is open the lower panel. Then close it tight and it hits a button that reignites the system. It's a great way for service guys to make money doing nothing! It's late November and I am reigniting this thing every week. Not impressed.

Trena Hildebrand

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We've only had this furnace for 4 years and already on our second service call. Our old furnace which was a Bryant. Didn't have any problems for at least 15 years.


Madison, WI

"Furnace review, Comfortmaker."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

After getting many different quotes from several different companies in my search to replace my 17 year old system, I finally decided to go with the Comfortmaker brand. Its been two years now, and I couldn't be happier! I went with the variable speed/inverter option for my home. In my search, I read countless reviews from all the top brands out there.. I realized in my search more people will leave a "bad" review rather than a "good" one. Its like when you go out to eat, and have a horrible experience. The first thing you want to do when you get home, is leave a bad review. Same thing applies here. This system pulls so much moisture out of the air! I can leave my thermostat at 77 degrees and 52% humidity and it feels amazing, and that's here in Houston, Texas. The house feels crisp/clean/enjoyable to be in, its a hard feeling to describe, but I'm very happy I went with Comfortmaker brand and the Variable speed full system. If you can afford to go this route, I definitely recommend this option, you'll be amazed and won't regret it at all!

Jacob Sparks

Houston, TX

"Well Built system"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Very very surprised on this system. I had this system installed form a neighborhood contractor I was very skeptical on this system do to I never heard of it. After going through everything with and all the other quotes I ended up having this installed. This system is very quite and helped my energy bills. I have had no issues with this furnace it was installed 1/15/2015. I dont write many reviews but waited 3 years on this review because I wanted to make sure I got something quality. But like my installing company said as long as it is installed correctly I wont have problems with it. Highly recommend it and their ac systems.

M. Halverson

Chicago, IL

"Nothing but trouble with heatpump and furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This was installed in late September 2010, it worked for less than a month. Heat pump was roaring so loud you couldn't sleep at night and was blowing cold air instead of warm from furnace. Had to run emergency heat all winter because the outfit that installed it refused to come out and see what the problem was until I sent pictures of 3-4 inches of ice on the heat pump on a daily basis for over a week. There was some kind of recall on a part so I contacted them again and they said they would come out. We sat at home all day waiting for them and around 5 pm I called and they said they had been here and nothing was wrong with the part. They did not show up and were lying about it. Finally they replaced whatever the part was and it worked again for less than a month. We went all summer with no air conditioning, tried to get it fixed and they wouldn't come back. So while trying to get Capeco to get on them and get it repaired we went the next several months with no air conditioning during the summer and no heat except emergency heat which raised the electric bill sky high in the winter. We finally got the heat pump fixed or thought we did by a different company. It had a defective part with a cracked cap on the end and stripped threads where the cap went and the cap was laying on the ground under the heat pump and no freon/coolant in heat pump. A month ago we turn on the furnace, heat pump fan ran continuously and wouldn't shut off unless you shut it off manually and blowing cold air all thru the house. Local furnace company comes out and the main coil inside the furnace is no good and leaked everything inside the furnace. The coil is supposedly under warranty but you can't get the part and I do not want the original installer back as they are unreliable and claimed I never contacted them about any problems. Now we are stuck paying for new part and fixing a furnace that hasn't worked from day one. Do not buy this brand.

Disappointed with company

Eastern Oregon

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