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DMO Industries Furnace Reviews

"Wood electric combination model CWF-E"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

This furnace has worked fine for me. In 2001 I had to replace two heating elements. No other problems until house was rented. Tenants had chimney fire in black pipe behind furnace march 2008, next day fan quit, fuse on electric blew, something shorted out, some wires fused from heat. Repairman changed pulley size on fan motor, replaced fuse and blower control. Took house back from tenants in Sept., they had turned off breaker for furnace. October I started using furnace. Fan running continuously; repairman replaced relay. Fan still running continuously. Found two elements had tin foil on them, connecting with switch wire, causing elements to be on continuously. Dont know how tin foil got in to element compartment. Is it possible to get there from register/cold air return? Fuse blew again, touched fuse casing to remove, shortage in wiring, sparks/smoke. Shut off breaker. Repairman says he now will put on breaker to replace fuse system. Is this wise? Should we not look for a cause of shortage?

J. Woods



5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Ed DeLisle

Torrington, CT

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