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General Electric Furnace Reviews

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"Old GE furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I looked up the serial number on my GE furnace it's from 1973. It's December 2018 and it still runs, I bought the house in 94 and all's I've replace just the furnace filters. I'm saving for a new furnace now but I'm going to run this one till the wheels fall off I doubt I'll find one this for liable new

Ted Ray

Plymouth Township

"Back when they were built to last"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We bought our house about 30 years ago. Needed a little bit of everything. The GE gas boiler was old, but it did not matter much to me, as long as it worked. Well, over the ears there have been many updates and everyone keeps telling me that I should update and it would get me more efficient, but it works great, so I left it alone and went in a different direction. New windows and doors, insulation. You name it and I fixed it. I decided to check into see if I could better the price in my home owners insurance to find out that they will no longer insure a very old heater. I figured I would hold out until after the point that the new one would out last both my wife and I. My mother had hers replaced in November of 2016 and so far it has been repaired 3 times, and as of now it is not working, there are parts laying all over the heater and the guy I brought in to look at it just shook his head. Everything is built these day to last X amount of years. So, do I want to replace my old, reliable, (has cost me $125 over the past 30 years). Nope, not looking forward to it. But when I do, it will be another GE. Scott PS: met the woman that put the heater in. she said her husband was a dentist and was not very good at keeping the coal furnace burning..

scott taylor

Philadelphia, PA

"A furnace that keeps me warm in the winter"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I love my General Electric furnace. I have owned it since I moved into my townhouse 11 years ago. I like that it has a temperature control at all times of the day. I set my temperature 3 different times per day. I set it for 6am, 3pm and 10pm in the.winter. There is nothing I dislike about it furnace has.been very dependable. It has not needed repairing so far, knock on wood. I would definitely buy General Electric again if I needed to because of it working very well. I would also recommend it to a friend or neighbor. It could be very beneficial to them because of it working well for over 10 years. I hope to have my General Electric furnace for many years to come. I going to write a letter to General Electric to let them know how happy I am with my furnace.

Pittsburgh, PA

"Great furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I bought an old house 3 years ago. Many things had to be replaced. But I don't complain about the furnace. This furnace is very old – 1960 – and yes, not very efficient. But all that I needed to do was replace the filter.


Solon, OH

"General Electric Model21lg"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

It's old and inefficient, but my 1961 furnace is still humming along 50+ years later. Since I've had my home for 12 years, the only things I have had to replace on it is the thermocouple and a blower motor.

W. Scott

Cadillac, MI

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