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Sears Furnace Reviews

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"Bait & Switch"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

They offer a cleaning for $100. a crew shows up and claims additional problems that can be fixed for $1600. When you don't take the bait, they disappear

J. Smith

Northern, VA


3.0 rating

Why would any one purchase anything from Sears in the first place?

Jenny Wang

"Why are you using Sears?"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Sears is a great place to go buy underwear or end of season clothing but why would someone go to a department store to buy a heating and cooling system for their home? Would you go to a plumber to buy your steak for dinner? That Sears rep who wants you to buy the new furnace and AC system is going down the street to sell a deck or new windows after he leaves your home. Smarten up people and use an HVAC contractor. That's their business and they don't sell underwear, decks or windows.


Frederick, MD

"Furnace Hasn't Worked,I'm Mad"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I too wish I would have looked at this site. It's been a week since Sears had their installers who live 2 hours away install the $4,800.00 furnace. It hasn't worked since day 1. The installer came to put a thermostat in saying that was the issue. The furnace is gas, he was telling my mom it has to warm up, that it's fixed. It was never blowing warm air and now when you turn off the heater, that doesn't work. The air conditioning is on!! It's 23 degrees out. My mom has breast cancer and in radiation 5xs a week, and it's winter and has no heat at 70 years old and fighting breast cancer. SHAME on you Sears!! I want Sears to get this furnace out of my mom's house and I won't ever buy anything from Sears for as long as I live. Treating senior citizens like this, it's a crime. That man knew that heater wasn't working and lied to her and she can't even turn it off. I'm appalled! And I'm disgusted they could allow this to happen, and they have for repair is a call center. Well check it out, I'm posting this info to anyone and everyone to warn them. I'm emailing the news, the local paper. Maybe if they were blasted for their severe lack of professional ethics, they might actually do something. How would they like it if it was their elderly parent fighting cancer with no heat in there home?

angela roberts

tumwater washington

"Bizaar Experience"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Things started out very "Sears-like" with a seemingly knowledgeable and professional sales pitch. Everything in between was your worst used-car salesman nightmare. The installation price negotiated with the salesman turned out to be a low ball bait and switch scam. It was subject to the approval of the installation manager. He upped the price by 30% immediately after the contract was signed. I was never told exactly what I was getting. The price skyrocketed every time I asked about about something. It was exactly like the joke about buying car and finding out the motor, tires and transmission were extra. Only in this case it was duct work and plenum that were extra. And not cheap. The initial bid of about $7k would have wound up being closer to $20k if I hadn't backed out. They tried to gouge me a 30% cancellation fee. I contacted Sears' home office and got with a full refund about thirty days later. Sears should get clean up their act or get out of the furnace business.

Stanton Morris

Eugene, Oregon

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