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Climatemaster Geothermal Heat Pump Reviews

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"Never Carrier"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Worst HVAC on the market. I have had nothing but bad things from day one. Started freezing up and could not figure out why finally said the coil was bad. Circuit board next to go, then the blower motor went out. Replaced the compressor a few months ago and now we are pulling out the coil because of a leak tonight. For what I paid for this unit, it should not have every major component replaced in less than 10 years. Btw, when it froze up this last time, the water ran under the wall to the bathroom and ruined the walnut vanity. I am warning you, do not buy from this mfg!!!!!!!!

Jarrod Marshall

Chillicothe, MO

"Dont buy Climatemaster"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Don't buy a climatemaster. I installed 2 units, with 2 air handlers to be adequate for my whole house, upstairs on one, downstairs the other. They have never worked since install. The larger 3 ton unit works downstairs intermittently. The upstairs unit never has worked both heating and cooling. Climatemaster and two HVAC contractors have been out and can't fix it. Climatemaster has not offered any discount, warranty, or any assistance. I even said, yank it out and put in a larger one. No response. Buy WaterFurnace…my brother has had that without issue since install 15 years ago. Steve Hoselton, Lexington, il. Still staring at my upstairs unit not working…thank God I put furnaces in with geo/lp back-up! Fix this thing Climatemaster!!!!!

steve hoselton


"Class action lawsuit needed"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have two Climate Master units. Water to water, and water to air. The water to water has burnt out lots of components in six years. Climate master warranty guy 'Doug' blew off our repair guy. We have wasted thousands of dollars on repairs not to mention the original installation cost. We have had no furnace for months during one of the worst winters in memory. All the exact same problems as the people below. A class action lawsuit is needed cause Climate Master does give a F..K. The warranty covers parts but not the thousands of dollars in labour. And our hydro bills are as bad as our oil bills.

Chris Chihrin

Ontario Canada

"Excellent Equipment"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

My 4 ton Tranquility 27 unit has run flawlessly for 10 1/2 years and has paid for itself now. It runs on its 1st stage only, for 95 % of its on time, even last night with outside temp at — 24 c (–12 f). The closed loop is buried 5 feet down, and the water is currently entering the unit at 34 F. I also have the electric backup heater disabled, and never need it. My total yearly electricity costs for the whole house are under c$ 2500, including the electric stove, electric clothes drier and electric water heater. Our kw-hr rate is between $ 0.065 and $0.13.2 depending on the time of day. I love my ClimateMaster system!

Mark Tomlinson

Haliburton, Ontario, Canada

"Pisspore Equipment"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed Climate Master tranquility 27 geo system in 2012–very expensive install–sorriest equipment I have ever seen–nothing but problems since day 1 and absolutely no help from Climate Master–electric bill much higher since system installed–still using between 700 to 1,000 gal gas annually with the backup furnace (this is in Virginia which is not an extremely cold state)–written several emails to climate master customer service and have never received a reply–do yourself a favor and don't ever use any of their equipment–you will be wasting your money– the HVAC company who installed the system does not sell climate master equipment anymore–that should say all you need to know– I would love to sue them for such sorry system and service, but the cost is prohibitive



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