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Rheem Heat Pump Overview

Rheem Manufacturing has been in business since the early twentieth century producing heating and cooling equipment and water heaters. Rheem offers nine different series of heat pumps.

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Heat Pump Lines

Rheem carries nine models of heat pumps in their line of heating and cooling products. Heat pumps carry a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) that indicates how efficient the units operate. The higher the SEER, the more cost-effective the heat pump functions.

The RPRL-JEC heat pump has the highest SEER of all the Rheem models, with a rating of sixteen. All the model scores range from thirteen to sixteen. The RNPL series are more basic models and have a score of thirteen. The higher-score models cost more initially, but save money down the road.

Heat pumps also have a heating seasonal performance factor or HSPF. This number is similar to the SEER number; it measures heating efficiency.

Rheem Heat Pump

All Rheem heat pumps have a high-quality compressor. These compressors supply quiet long-lasting function for the consumer. High-efficiency models come with special pressure controls to monitor the compressor and protect it from changes in pressure. The pressure controls can be added as an option to the standard models.

The high-efficiency Prestige (RPRL-JEZ) series heat pump comes with an LED control panel that will detail any problems with the system. The control board will keep its operation history, even if there is a power outage. This feature can aid a technician in servicing a unit more quickly.

Resources for the Homeowner

Rheem answers consumers' frequently asked questions on the company website. Customers can register their heat pump online for warranty protection. A list of local Rheem contractors is provided, as well as information on ways consumers can save money.

Some electric utilities offer low interest loans when certain heat pumps are purchased. Other electric and gas companies offer rebates when clients update to more energy-efficient products. Rheem offers the details to all these programs.


The RPNL-JEZ and RPQL-JEL series offer a limited ten-year parts warranty and a five-year conditional unit replacement warranty. The RPNL-JEC line has the same parts guarantee and a ten-year conditional replacement warranty. Labor costs are not covered by the Rheem heat pump warranty.

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Rheem Heat Pump Reviews

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5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am a Rheem dealer. Almost every problem I have read here probably can be traced back to the Installer. I have been installing Rheem for years and have one callback. Rheem is top notch equipment and in my opinion the best!


O�Fallon, MO

"Is this problematic brand or model?"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We replaced our heat pump with this Rheem. Not sure if it is a problem of installation or problem with the brand. We installed in 2015 and have had to have it charged every year for a/C. The first year was two or three times. In the winter our electric bill was 640.00 then 580.00 and then a little over 400.00. We have been at this house for almost 30 years and was only that high when the heat pump was going out, and I only keep the thermostat on 65. I am quite concerned that in a few years it will be pure junk. I am not a happy camper when the weather starts warming up and I can't cool my house. Needless to say, I am not happy with the guy who installed either. As it has been three weeks already and he was supposed to be here. I definitely know who won't be doing the next heat pump….and possible what brand it may not be. That many thousand dollars were hard work getting to have constant problems. Model rp1536aj1na house 1968 square feet ranch

trina sparks

Seaman, OH


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Replaced the first unit in 2016 (5 years), and now the second unit (7 years), is having major issues! Do not purchase, nor would I purchase a house with Rheem units again, unless the seller agreed to replace them.

Jeffrey Sublett

Lexington, KY

"Would not recommend this product to my worst enemy!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had problems with air handler right off the start up. The a/c contractor did get that problem fixed after the third try. The condenser unit sounded like a diesel motor idling when shutting off. I was told that was alright, but being a electrical contractor for 35 years, I didn't think that sounded right. This Labor Day weekend, I came home from work and my house was 83 degrees. Called my A/C contractor and he was out of town; couldn't get a tech there until Sunday morning. Called and said my reversing valve had a major leak around one of solder joints and had leaked all of the Freon out. Contractor showed up Tuesday late afternoon. Took 3 hrs to repair, by 9:00 pm I had a/c and a $550 repair bill. I asked the a/c contractor about the compressor noise and he we might have to replace the compressor. It has a 10 year warranty, but I would have to pay for labor. This Rheem system is only 2 years old to have this many problems. It is sad that this product is this bad. My advice to other consumers, is don't buy this brand only if you want early and constant problems. I rate this brand as F for failure.

K Scott

Land O Lakes,FL

"Shady warranty"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The compressor died after 7 years. We had what we thought it was a 10-year warranty, which is in large type on the warranty document. When our contractor came out to fix our unit, he told us it is only a 5-year warranty due to the fact it was not registered. Read the fine print. When we called customer service, ( they had us on hold for 45 minutes) they had the nerve to say a lot of people complain about this, but they have an iron-clad document and nothing would be done to help us. They ended with, we stand by our product. Our contractor did not tell us to register the warranty and I have concluded that Rheem does not want them to.


West Grove, PA

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