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US Stove Pellet Stove Reviews

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"Have to be smarter than the stove that you're operating"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Father 6041I pellet stove insert had a little problem at first but after getting it dialed in works perfect Harley no Ash build up starts up every time seems to heat well easy to clean most people that have trouble running pellet stove can't even use the flashlight

Johnny Be Good



1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have had this unit since November 2018 in use for about 3 months and it quit working. I have a record number and texts to this company they never offered a technician to fix it they had my husband who is 78 jumping thru hoops to do this and do that. Tried to tell us it was an air flow problem which it was not. Thru a friend at church retired was a technician for pellet stoves the opened the back of the stove and the auger motor was laying on the bottom of the stove it had sheared off the auger they then pulled the cover on the auger jammed in the auger was a piece of insulation that had been glued on the auger cover not an air flow issue at all

Diane richard


"Don't waste your money…buyer beware."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought this pellet stove from Menards first week in November 2018. As this was an only online offer we found out after placing the order it was on back order. End of November still no update …December came and still no Pellet stove or update from Menards or US-Stove. Finally the first week in January 2019 We received an email that it was shipped and arrive at the local Menards store ready for pickup. We picked up the stove and as I have a technical background I read the manual and knew how to install it. Interesting fact reading it I found out US-Stove mentions Never to return stove to the store where you bought it but to call the US- Stove #800 Further The manual mentioned " Before installing your heater, you must perform an initial burn in an outside environment. Follow the Start-Up Procedure in the Operation section of the manual. Well, we did and it did not even feed pellets. No error msg and no flame. Finally called their #800 number and was on hold quite awhile but finally got a live person who told me she would put in a support ticket. I asked if she had any idea when I could expect a callback but she did not know. The temperature outside below freezing and trying to troubleshoot why this stove does not even work out of the box without any tech support. I found that the igniter was getting hot but without any pellets of-course no flame. The pellet hopper was filled with the correct hardwood pellets so why did it not feed any pellets. Unplugged the power after it was shut down and checked the main board for any obvious issues. 5 fuses on the main board checked out ok (used an Ohm meter ) checked all connections and tried the first startup again. Somehow I had made progress as the unit started feeding pellets and we had a flame. When you ask me what fixed it I could not tell you. I let the unit burn 40 minutes outside to get rid of any new smell /paint /oil etc. Let it cool down and finished the rest of the installation. The parts to install this stove are cheap and manual expects you to be technical. Anyway, I had the unit installed and fired up …thought all problems were solved but no. Two days after installing we received a phone call from US-Stove and they closed their ticket. Four days after this we got up in the morning and stove was off …no flame and all led are on. My troubleshooting confirmed the mainboard connection. Called US-Stove again and the support person told me she could not put a ticket in as US-Stove took that feature away and apologized and told me I needed to call after the weekend on Monday. I called on Monday and had to wait and had the option to get a callback but if I choose to do that I would receive a call back the following day on Tuesday. I decided to wait and got a live person who wants my information and could not find me in the system, weird as I gave them all the information the first time I called and had mailed my registration card. She told the person that enters the info in the computer was sick and had a backlog . She wanted my purchase receipt emailed and was then when the lady that was sick came back and had entered it she was going to ship a new main board. I asked her if I could get a tracking number or something, I was told to check with them in a week as it could take two weeks. Bottom line is I am still waiting and calling every day.

P. Dubois


"Please don't get duped!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

In the 5 years since I got this stove, I've had to replace four parts. That's not a great track record. On the fifth part I ordered, I was sent an email by us Stove Company saying my part was shipped on Dec 18. But when I contacted them a week later to ask for a tracking number, they seemed hesitant. I finally got it….and guess what? My part wasn't shipped until Dec 26. I was lied to (intentionally) in both email and on the phone. When I took a screen capture of UPS's pick update and sent it to them, they refused to answer me back – they were caught and didn't want to talk to me. So I am still waiting for our part…no heat….26 Degrees tonight. How on earth can they do this and not be accountable? Please keep your family warm with another company.

Dan Smith


"Company attitude"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Customer service manager extremely caustic, brash unprofessional I was forced to report to Federal Trade Commission my dealings

Rrv.Dr.Donald C Page

Hermon, ME

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