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GENERAL ELECTRIC Water Heater Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Professionally installed 7 years ago. Corroding and leaking water from both hot & cold water intakes and the anode rod. Called in a master plumber to assess…said he's never seen a hot water tank fall apart this fast in his 30+ years. Contacted manufacturer because still under parts warranty but useless. Tank corroding so fast plumber felt waste of time to try and fix. Junk.

J Monaco

Buffalo, NY

"Durable, long-lasting GE water heater"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Overall, General Electric (GE) manufactures high quality domestic appliances. I've owned a GE water heater for over ten years now and it still works perfectly fine, with no leaks. The reinforced metal encasement and the weather resistant body paint have protected the water heater from many seasonal rains. I have the appliance in the exterior, back porch, of my house, covered by a tin roof. Still, the water heater stands against high temperatures, windy conditions, and high humidity levels; these conditions have not affected its functionality in the least. Therefore, I like the durability of my water heater; I never worry about it breaking down. Until now, I've never had to replace or repair this wonderful piece of equipment. Additionally, I have the water heater on the highest setting because I use scalding water for different purposes (never set a high temperature if you live with children or have them visit your house). For example, I disinfect dishes with hot water when scraping off food particles. With this heater, I've never run out of hot water. Its 30 gallon capacity is more than enough for my household needs. Additionally, my electric bill is relatively low because this water heater saves energy. I would recommend this appliance to anybody with a household of up to five people; it is a great purchase. Should the need arise, I will buy the same water heater. One thing that I dislike about the water heater, however, is that it takes up more space than digital water heaters. My water heater works fine, though, and I'd rather not experiment with new technology.

Miami, FL

"Good heater for a midsize house"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

The water heater was already in our house when we bought the house. The heater itself is about 10 years old. We've never had to repair or replace it so it seems very reliable and long lasting. It has never leaked and it has never broken down. It also seems easy to operate. It provides enough hot water for a family of four. Unless all of us take back to back showers while another appliance such as the dishwasher or washing machine is running, we've never had a problem with enough hot water. Even when we have guests over, we still get enough hot water. It's a good size for our family and seems to be made well. What would make me really love it is ideally I'd love to be able to have showers while doing laundry and dishwasher but otherwise it's good and I am happy with it. So maybe just a little bigger but it's good enough for us as is.


"My experience with the maintenance free Hotpoint energy efficient hot water heater that is twelve years old."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned this particular water heater for approximately twelve years. My old hot water heater broke down and leaked water everywhere, it was the original unit from when I purchased the house twenty-five years ago. I bought the Hotpoint because I read and had heard that it was a good reliable brand and energy efficient. Since I have had this I have had absolutely no problems with it whatsoever. I go about my business everyday never worrying about whether my hot water heater will break down. It costs as little as $159 a year to operate. It was easy to hook up and easy to light. My water has been consistently the same temperature that since I've owned it with no maintenance involved. I would highly recommend the General Electric Hotpoint.


"General Electric brand boiler review"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

General Electric is quite a nice brand just to let me start. This ge water heater has been heating the water in my place quite well, though the temperature for hot water drops every now and again. The 2 years that I've had it, I have never had a problem with anything other than falls in temperature, so I like the quality and durability. That said I definitely would recommend this to someone looking to heat their water, as water heaters can be tricky. Finding a good long lasting one is much appreciated.

Brooksville, Fl

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