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Rinnai Water Heater Overview

Rinnai Corporation manufactures tankless gas water heaters, kitchen appliances, and heating and air conditioning units for both commercial and residential use. Rinnai America Corporation, a subsidiary of Rinnai Corporation, is headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia. Rinnai employs over 9,500 men and women worldwide and had sales of approximately $3 billion in 2017.

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Corporate History

Rinnai was founded in 1920 by Hidejiro Naito and Kanekichi Hayashi, who started out manufacturing and selling pressurized oil cooking stoves. In the 1930s, they expanded into gas appliances, with cooking stoves, ranges, space heaters, and water heaters, and the company has been in the hot water business since 1964. In 1974 the company established Rinnai America Corporation in Los Angeles, California with products including spa heaters and home heating solutions. In 2001, Rinnai America moved to its present location in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Product Lines

Rinnai introduced its line of hybrid tank-tankless water heater, which can replenish its hot water supply more than twice as quickly as a 40-gallon traditional storage tank type water heater, in 2013. Rinnai reintroduced their vent-free fan convector in 2014. All of their eligible products are Energy Star certified, and in 2014 all of their boilers received the Energy Star Most Efficient rating.


Rinnai provides a residential water heater warranty of 10 or 12 years on the heat exchanger (depending on model), 5 years on parts, and 1 year for labor. The warranty for the hybrid 10-year heat exchanger, 6-year tank, 3-year parts, and 1-year labor. An extended labor coverage warranty is available of select models. Registration within 30 days is required for the extended coverage.

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Rinnai Water Heater Reviews

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"Rinnai Customer Service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Their Customer Service is horrible. Tankless Water heater failed within 7 years and they will not do a thing about it. Throw your money out the window. It's more entertaining

Mike Nass

Albany, NY


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I was advised by Rinnai the wireless component (remote and controller) have no warranty, The remote control when "exposed to moisture" will not work. The system needs to be initiated "warm up the water," up to 10 minutes prior to use This is to ensure the hot water lines are hot; this is problematic. In the kitchen, for example, you may use up to 5 to 7 gallons of water before getting hot water. I live in a 3,200 square foot home and have 4 remotes. One remote would not be sufficient. Not happy with the system, it's not ready for prime time and Rinnai customer service is not helpful.

V McMillan

Vallejo, CA

"On demand hot water heater"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Petro Home Services installed my direct propane hot water heater. It lasted 3 years. Rinnai would not replace the unit, but only the parts. It took Petro the whole day to try and fix the unit before I told them to replace the whole unit; they didn't have a clue. Rinnai doesn't stand by their unit.either After spending $2,500.00 in a new unit and labor, I have a new unit at my expense. Both companies are terrible. If the unit goes again I will replace it with an electric hot water tank. So much for tryig to install something that I thought would be efficient. I tried to ask the plumbing board in my state for advice and he just laughed. Thanks, Chuck Chepachet.

Charles Day

Chepachet, RI

"Worst hot water heater"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This product is the most terrible hot water heater. When our traditional hot water heater broke down after 15 years, we bought this lemon. It will give cold showers intermittently and take up to 10 minutes to warm water in the kitchen. Please do not buy!

Lynn Harris

Fredericksburg, VA

"Terrible product and customer service!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have been having problems with our Rinnai instant hot water heater since it was installed. We were talked into it by the company that we hired to install our hot water heater. It quit working a month after it was installed and they replaced it. The new unit quit working two months after it was installed. The product is junk! Rinnai won't replace it or give us our money back. The company that talked us into it is going to eat the cost and not sell the Rinnai brand anymore.


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