Central Boiler Classic Edge Wood Furnace Overview

The Central Boiler Classic Edge is an outdoor wood gasification furnace available in three models with a water capacity ranging from 150 gallons to 330 gallons. The unit has a vertical heat exchanger, which provides optimal heat transfer and allows exhaust particles to drop to the bottom, reducing the need for maintenance. It also has an air charge tube, unique to Central Boiler, which improves efficiency and lowers emissions by controlling airflow while preventing coals from falling into the lower chamber. Air-tight, waterproof urethane spray foam insulation and an insulated chimney help lock in heat and reduce wood usage, and the FireStar II electronic controller automatically adjusts the primary and secondary air to optimize the gasification process.

The 2016 starting price of the Central Boiler Classic Edge is $6,490.

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Consumer Reviews of Central Boiler Classic Edge


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Central Boiler Wood Furnace Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

It is 0 degrees f at 9 pm on January 30, 2019. I have just come back inside from once again trying to remedy the fact that my new-in-October Classic Edge 550 $12000 (installed) wood boiler is once again not heating its water enough to keep my oil boiler from firing up. This unit, purported to be adequate to heat a much larger house, consistently fails to adequately burn wood that has been seasoned 2 years and kept in a dry shed. The dealer is apparently not competent to service it keeps offering possible reasons for the lack of functionality. After several air and timing adjustments, after keeping religiously to the cleaning requirements, and using wood as prescribed, there can be only one answer; this product is awful, and Central Boiler has no customer service, no quality concern, and a poor product. Keep your conventional furnace or boiler. This product is Garbage.

Robert Hovey

Remsen, NY


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The central boiler should e ashamed of themselves for putting a product like my 750 edge classic.!! I am a disabled veteran with a limited income and have close to $13,000 invested in a stove and piping that was supposed to be able to heat my house and pole barn with plenty of BTU's to spare! not!!!! Works great when it is 50 degrees outside as soon as it gets cold I can't keep my water temperature up. I go through tons of wood (yes seasoned and dry). I have to shut it down to disassemble the firebox to clean where the worthless chains are supposed to keep clear (which I shake at least twice a day). I've called the company 3 times only to treated like an incompetent idiot and give their old faithful lack of insulation speech! Just man up and admit you have designed built and sold a piece of junk!!! Which is why you no longer sell this model!!!

Richard Neff


"Very Efficient Furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

***Learning curve to this unit*** 750 is very efficient and easy to use. This is the first wood boiler that I've owned. That must be the reason I can effectively use it better than the guys with the older units. I can see where they would have trouble learning the gasser units. Its a little more than cutting a log and burning green or junk wood. The wood for this unit has to be seasoned for it to operate correctly, I cut my wood a year beforehand to start drying. Very minimal wood used compared to the older units I've seen. All the old timers need to find one of these units and watch someone operate before writing it off. These only smoke very little when loading wood. Once the reaction chamber gets hot it will burn the smoke completely. I keep a good coal bed, run the cleaning rod thru the bottom 5-6 times and never have any trouble with fire restarting during the night. If you read the instructions on these units, it will operate exactly how it needs to perform.


Franklin, Tn

"Classic 550"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Bought this boiler in 2018. Love the stove. There is a learning curve to operate this stove. The dealer was very helpful to get me started heating my house and shop with it. Have no trouble keeping the fire burning. The dealer set it up to run the blowers every 20 minutes to keep the fire up when you're not using it as much. Would recommend this stove to anyone.

Gerald Lee


"Great furnace!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I purchased my Central Boiler Classic Edge 350 in December of 2017. I installed it myself and I am heating 1,300 square feet and my dhw. My house needs some energy efficient upgrades, such as windows, insulation added in attic, and such. I burned roughly a little less than 3 cords of wood in 4 1/2 months. I switched from propane, keeping the drafty house at 69 or 70 and being cold. After installing my Classic Edge, my wife put the thermostat on 77 degrees and everybody was warm and happy. My electric bill\ also dropped around $35 a month just from heating my domestic hot water. I was always used to use a traditional style wood furnace, so there was a learning curve with a new style furnace. After doing some studying and just trying different techniques, I had it dialed in on about a week. The first week, I had trouble until I learned how important it was to keep the nozzle area open and how important a well established coal bed was. After that, it has been flawless! I would happily buy the unit again! I truly believe most of the negative reviews you see on any of this style of furnace are from people not learning how to operate the new style furnace. But after you learn it, they are simple and use substantially less wood. So far, it has been a great product. If it lasts 15 years or better, there will be another Central Boiler going in its place when it is done.

Steven King

SE Missouri

Other Classic Edge Reviews

A post on hearth.com from a homeowner asking for opinions about the Classic Edge found many replies from people with complaints about the unit, including how to clean it. Most of these people, however, have only seen it and do not own one. On arboristsite.com, a member who saw a display of the Classic Edge said it looked like a good unit. Replies included another member who'd seen a display at a fair and agreed that the unit seemed good, but again there were no comments from anyone who actually owned one.

Classic Edge Warranty

Product registration is required for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Central Boiler Classic Edge wood furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 1-year manufacturer defect & workmanship warranty

An optional 25-Year Warranty is available if a Limited Warranty Registration Form is completed and sent to Central Boiler within ten (10) days of the original owner taking possession of the furnace AND provided that one thermostatic valve per set of supply and return lines is installed in the system.

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