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Earth Wood Furnace Overview

Earth Outdoor Furnaces manufactures wood/coal furnaces and forced-air furnaces designed for multiple applications. Earth Outdoor Furnaces is part of Earth Outdoor Products, a family owned and operated company located in Missouri.

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Reviews by Wood Furnace Series

Rancher Mountain Man Bear Cub Woodsman

Corporate History

Siblings Zachary, Nathan, Ben and Sarah Kelly founded Earth Outdoor Products in 2009. According to an article in the Mtn. Grove News-Journal, the company was founded when the siblings' father ordered an outdoor wood furnace that took six months to arrive. With help, the siblings began developing their own furnace and soon the business was born.

According to its website, the company was founded with the goal of providing customers with "quality products at affordable prices."

Product Lines

All of Earth's furnaces used to be wood-burning units. In 2015, because of EPA changes in clean air standards, Earth changed its six series of residential wood furnaces to coal-burning furnaces: the Bear Cub, Woodsman, Rancher, Mountain Man, Klear Sky, and High Efficiency. The Bear Cub 305-FA is geared toward small or mobile homes or for use in outbuildings such as workshops. The Klear Sky series features integrated emission control technology that exceeds EPA guidelines.

While its residential furnaces are designed to burn coal, Earth also offers a commercial line of six furnaces that burn wood.

Standard on all furnaces is a 12-inch cylinder firebox measuring ½-inch thick. Furnace doors feature a 3-section, full-bar hinge that is designed to resist warping. A corrugated metal exterior in one of several stock colors also is standard, although brick, rock, wood and other siding options are available.


Earth furnaces carry a limited 25-year factory warranty that covers thermostats, pumps and other parts. Check with your dealer for specific warranty details.

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Earth Wood Furnace Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased a Rancher 365 in September of 2014 in January of 2016 it started leaking over the summer I tore it apart to find the leak and it had a hole they told me I was out of luck then a week later I found 2 more holes so I called him back and talk to the owner it took 3 weeks to get ahold of the warranty guy before he called back. They finally sent me a new furnace but it had damage to the outside metal in the front and the back door and it was 2 years older than my old one. After 2 weeks of arguing about that he didn't have the balls to tell me that they wasn't going to do anything you had your secretary do it bunch of these selling junk don't buy

Jimmy cantrell

Waverly, OH

"Ripped off"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

First of all, these people have this rigged to default on warranty! Six phone calls with warranty issues, & nothing but the run-around. The cleanout door is falling off- failed hinge. Both clamp lock bolts snapped twice already. Light burned out above door. Most importantly I have to put a f' n paper clip (in a $9200.00 furnace) on the intake damper to get air to fire. And yes, there are more problems, but I'm not wasting my time as I have contacted a lawyer to sue for my money back! All this occurred after 6 months of use, and as I got close to one year they avoided me like the plague. Oh, BTW you have to use their corrosion product only or you void warranty. More to come!



"Wood boiler"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought and Earth Rancher 360 wood boiler on Feb 22, 2014. It's now Nov 12, 2016 and the water jacket is rotted out. What a piece of shit.

Andrew boyle

Poconos, PA

"This stove sucks."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Worst purchase I have ever made. The stove couldn't heat an outhouse in the Florida Keys above sixty degrees when the weather is 90 degrees. It's poorly built. The draft door and fan need to be larger, along with the chimney pipe needing to be larger then 5 inches. Fire and smoke fill your face every time you try and load the stove, which has to be done at least 5 times a day. I even tried burning coal to maximize the heat output but to no avail; 58 to 60 degrees is still all you can get out of it. I even built and insulated a building around the stove to try and help, but still no heat. I would recommend just getting a kerosene heater and buying kerosene rather than getting this 3-thousand-dollar yard ornament.

3000 dollar piece of scrap.

Dryden, VA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I would never buy this brand again!

B. M. Lowery


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